Create Pelvic Harmony

Learn 3 Keys to Relieve Pelvic Pain & Ignite Your Pleasure

Join me for this power hour class because

Your Womb Matters

Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 1:00 PM


Are you ready to say goodbye to pelvic pain, menstrual imbalances, constipation, infertility, indigestion, leak pee, prolapse, low self-esteem, low libido…???

Please join me to learn about and explore ways to relieve your pelvic pain (or any symptom), connect to your womb and ignite your pleasure. 

Because kegels aren’t the fix and often make things worse, I will share

with you what works so that you walk away from this hour

already feeling a shift and empowered for pleasure. 

Clients ask me all the time how they have lived the decades of their lives not knowing how to care for their pelvic anatomy and energy. I want to share with you what has helped me and my clients find what I call Pelvic Harmony.

Pelvic Harmony is the goal, vision and pathway to relieve your pelvic pain and other symptoms. Pelvic Harmony is about whole body healing and empowered feminine rhythm. It is a lifestyle of self love and self care.

Living in Pelvic Harmony is remembering how to honor, care for and trust yourself and your body.

See you soon at the

Holistic Health & Healing Expo

Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 10:30 AM

I am so excited to share with you how I support women so that they become symptom-free and develop a clear comfortable connection with their body and feminine energy. 

My journey of pelvic pain and tension has led me to be the “pelvic healer” I am today. As a midwife and bodyworker, I have sat at the pelvis (the sacred gateway) and supported hundreds of women through their childbearing years. After giving birth to my son 10 years ago, my pelvis, my womb were asking me to pay attention, go deeper and find the support I needed. My pelvic healing journey and training, along with the clients I serve from preconception through menopause have informed and expanded what I offer and teach.  

“I learned so much I this class that I wish I knew long ago. I really loved the community of women in the class and the support throughout that helped me heal and improve my self-care routine.”

Anonymous / Goddess

“Jade is an amazing healer. She had helped me so much in better understanding and tending to the physical and energetic needs of my postpartum body. Her space is very welcoming and peaceful.”


“Thank you Jade, for holding such a divine light.”


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