Are you ready to

Relieve Your Pelvic Pain

Connect to your Womb

Awaken Your Power and Pleasure

Balance Your Hormones

Are you ready to

Restore Your Body

Nourish your Womb

Awaken Your Power and Pleasure

Create the Life of your Dreams


Hello, I am Jade. I am so glad and honored that you found your way here. I am a Momma, Midwife, Pelvic Care Specialist and Medicine Woman. I work with women, preconception through menopause, so that you develop a clear comfortable connection to your body and feminine energy.

Are you ready to Restore Your Body ~ Nourish your Womb ~ Balance Your Hormones ~ Awaken Your Power and Pleasure

It will be my pleasure to share with you techniques and practices for pelvic healing and womb care that will support your lifelong vitality, relief of symptoms and empowerment.

Healing opportunities await you. It is time, because you are here and worthy of feeling amazing in your body with your heart wide open and your womb attuned to the frequency of Love and Feminine Power.

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“I learned so much I this class that I wish I knew long ago. I really loved the community of women in the class and the support throughout that helped me heal and improve my self-care routine.”

Anonymous / Goddess

“Jade is an amazing healer. She had helped me so much in better understanding and tending to the physical and energetic needs of my postpartum body. Her space is very welcoming and peaceful.”


“Thank you Jade, for holding such a divine light.”


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